Eternity Pale Pink Roses & Coco Flocked Bouquet Flowerbox
Eternity Pale Pink Roses & Coco Flocked Bouquet Flowerbox Eternity Pale Pink Roses & Coco Flocked Bouquet Flowerbox Eternity Pale Pink Roses & Coco Flocked Bouquet Flowerbox
  • Handmade box

  • Eternity roses

  • Classical composition

Eternity Pale Pink Roses & Coco Flocked Bouquet Flowerbox


Bouquet flowerboxes are another novelty on offer. It is similar to the traditional bouquet, in which the flowers are arranged in the style of the so-called "dome". In this way, we create a fantastic three-dimensional effect of the composition. Thanks to the dedicated technology we have developed, we can easily deliver such a bouquet to any place in Europe.

Enhanced roses (infinity roses) are a novelty on the market. These flowers are alive and due to the stabilization process retain their color and shape for up to 2 years. The preservation technique allows flowers to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel as if they were freshly-cut flowers! They do not require any care. Moreover, it is a great surprise for allergy sufferers - roses are free of allergenic pollen. They are perfectly fitted into places such as boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and medical facilities, because they do not require watering and what is more important, do not fade. It is, therefore, a very good investment and elegant decoration also.

Words like admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, and sweetness are just a few ways to describe the meaning behind the pink rose. A pink rose can also convey happinessgracefulness, and admiration.

Amount of roses: Approx. 13-16 stems

Box Diameter: Ø 15 cm

We use one of the best varieties of eternity roses in the world.

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  • Italy - 3 working days

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