Eternal Peonies

We are pleased to introduce Eternal Peonies to our offer. In love with their uniqueness and beauty, after more than a year of searching around the world, we have found perfect - stabilized peonies, that is, live flowers that have undergone a conservation process and will be fresh for at least a year . We can deliver them to any address throughout Europe.

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Eternal peonies - a symbol of happiness and abundance

Is it possible to give someone a greater gift than a flower that symbolizes abundance, prosperity, happiness and youth? Because that's what eternal peonies whisper in their secret, floral language. That is why eternal peonies are the perfect gift for a person to whom we wholeheartedly wish good luck, happiness, wealth and eternal youth. Peonies are called thornless roses. They appear as a more subtle version of roses, which impresses with its extraordinary beauty, in a slightly more delicate, but equally captivating form. Rose du Château offers stabilized peonies in pastel colors or intense red and purple.

Beautiful peonies in a flowerbox

Eternal peonies in a flowerbox are not only an elegant gift, but also a wonderful decorative element that is ideal for creating stylish and delightful floral arrangements, dedicated both to private space and to parties or banquets. Completely maintenance-free, stabilized peonies enjoy their beauty and freshness for many months. A large selection of flowerboxes and flower colors allow you to choose the right color and style for each celebration or interior design. Eternal peonies in a flowerbox is a great alternative to Eternal Roses . However, if we hesitate which flowers to choose, we suggest another, equally wonderful option - it is peonies bouquets!

Eternal peonies bouquets - a symphony of colors and shapes

If a flower is called a melody, the bouquet is a symphony in which the diversity is combined into one harmonious composition. Rose du Château offers peonies in bouquets, combining two of the finest flowers - refined Eternal Roses and dazzling stabilized peonies. The bouquets look great, and the elegant flowerboxes are the perfect setting for this sensual, floral duo. Peonies in bouquets with roses are available in a variety of variants, including compositions ideally suited for weddings and joyful occasions as well as bouquets of peonies and roses in black and white . All peonies in flowerboxes as well as roses and peonies in bouquets are eternal, so they do not need to be watered.

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